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Greenleaf Tiny Homes specializes in building tiny house RV's out of Eugene, Oregon, and for the U.S. and Canada. We offer all design styles: modern, rustic, traditional, craftsman, open layout, multiple sleeping lofts, multiple trailer length options, diverse finishes in and out, and more. We are an RVIA certified manufacturer.



Unequivocal quality, customer service, and painstaking attention to detail make our RVs top of the line solutions for your tiny home RV needs!    Our recreational vehicles/travel trailers are built with home building materials, so that you can have home comforts no matter where you travel. For this reason, we call our RVs, Tiny Home RVs, because of the customization potential.  It's our vision that our clients walk away happier, more empowered, and inspired by the beauty of our product.  We believe that by building on such a small scale, beautiful finishes become more accessible, and sustainable choices become realizable.

We pay our employees a competitive wage and benefits, while also imploring real, local/green (as available), high end, home quality materials and products. You can walk away assured that you've made an ethical decision when you've purchased one of our RVIA Certified Travel Trailers.

NOTE: These are classified as "Travel Trailers" for temporary use. Please be aware of rules, laws, and codes relevant to the jurisdiction you plan to utilize an RV in.


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Design your own

Ready to take the next step? Soon, you'll be able to design your own tiny home right on our website.  For now, find out how you can move forward in building your new tiny home RV with us.

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